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Physics tuition with Mr Kaleem Akbar

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About Mr Kaleem Akbar MSc. BSc. PGDE

Mr Akbar is a highly qualified and experienced Physics teacher and an International writer.

He has a BSc. Honours from Heriott Watt University, an MSc. from the University of St Andrews and a PGDE from Strathclyde University. All qualifications were achieved between 2002-2005 from these prestigious educational institutes of Scotland. read more...

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Information for parents and students

Signing up

Currently, students/parents are requested to fill in the details in the following pages to secure the student's place. The booking system allows the tuition time slot to be chosen (Please note that students are where possible placed in classes based on similar academic ability - This is to help them achieve the best grade possible). read more...

Live Online Tuition Information

AS/A level Physics lessons

  • Physics tuition lessons take place twice a week for AS/A level.
  • The length of an online lesson is 1 hour 30 min.
  • There is a 30 min FREE initial introduction lesson where students are shown how the online platform works. All the student needs is one from the following: a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop and standard earphones. A moderate internet connection is more than enough to enjoy lessons without lagging or interruption.
  • FULL 100% Money back guarantee 14 days after the course has commenced, This will allow students to experience the introduction and Mr Kaleem Akbars popular teaching methods up to a maximum of three lessons within that time.
  • Students are pointed to the relevant textbook(s) for purchase to support their learning throughout the course.

Bonus materials

  • All students are given access to several bonus videos, online quizzes, additional notes and hundreds of examination style questions with worked solutions.

Cost of 60 lessons (30 weeks) course

AS/A level - 1hr 30min per lesson

Two lessons per week, totalling 60 lessons excluding examination revision.

The course runs from the beginning of September to end of April.

There are three payment options:

  • $1200 paid in two $600 instalments ($20 per lesson)
  • $1300 paid in four $325 instalments ($21.67 per lesson)
  • $1400 paid in eight $175 instalments ($23.33 per lesson)

EARLY BIRD OFFER 20% OFF all payment options, valid until June 30th 2019

100% FULL Money back guarantee within 14 days of the initial FREE 30 min introduction to online education. This equates to a maximum of three consecutive lessons after the introduction.

Students will be pointed in the direction of the appropriate books for purchase to support their learning throughout the course.

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